Wally and the Ferretti Group are no strangers to launching class-leading, ground-breaking, breathtaking new models, and they are now ready to showcase the new wallypower50 at boot Düsseldorf 2024 (January 20-28).

The wallypower50 is a real key addition to the existing range by serving as a link between the wallytenders and the wallypowers, establishing a new standard for being flexible, practical, dynamic and, of course, iconic.

Key to the wallypower50 is the ethos that has been applied to its design and its options list. It is more than just the range starting of the wallypower range: this model is a bridge between the more open style of the wallytender43 and wallytender48 and the more spacious areas of the wallypower58. The result is a model that can be specced to a seemingly endless array of operational profiles for a vast array of customers, from support vessel to standalone family cruiser.

The multifaceted nature of the wallypower50 is carried through to the extensive options list that allows it to become whatever her owners need it to be. Her clean lines and stem design reflect the iconic style of the larger wallypowers, but the wallypower50 can also be specified with the wraparound fender of the wallytenders. The wallypower50 also comes with two separate sunbeds which maximises the use of space on deck, particularly with the wings opened creating an additional 6 square metres of aft deck space.
The upper cockpit area provides ample seating for eight guests under the coachroof plus four more on two forward-facing bench seats; below there is a large, open space that offers the ultimate in flexibility, plus a comfortable bathroom with separate shower, a large couch, and an inviting double bed. It’s the ultimate weekender pied-a-terre, complete with natural light from above and the optional addition of Wally’s Magic Portholes below.


The propulsion system involves two Volvo Penta IPS650s that can take the wallypower50 past 36 knots, while offering both a 30-knot cruise and easy joystick handling with DPS (optional) in close-quarters manoeuvres. The deep-V hull ensures a faster cruise in bigger seas, and the model is also offered in the X version with quad 400hp Mercury outboards that deliver a scintillating ride at 48 knots while still offering a 240-nautical-mile range.
If the optional Mercury 500hp configuration is chosen, the wallypower50X can exceed 50 knots of maximum speed, with a range of 180 nautical miles.

It is possible to draw a direct line from the original, legendary wallypower118 to the wallypower50.
The essence of the wallypower118 resonates within the wallypower50, as the latter embodies the former’s distinctive traits. The dynamic and seaworthy hull of the wallypower50 reflects the sharp, angular lines, deep-V hull, and aggressive double-chine profile of the wallypower118. However, the wallypower50, stands out as the purest and most essential embodiment of the ‘power’ epithet. Moreover, its versatility, transforming from a chase boat to a dayboat, offering utilitarian support to ultimate style, marks it as another significant milestone in Wally’s launch portfolio.

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