Ventura Yachts Partners with Bitcashier for Cryptocurrency Payments

Ventura Yachts has partnered with Bitcashier, a leading crypto payment platform, to integrate innovative cryptocurrency solutions into our luxury yacht sales and charters. This collaboration provides a seamless, secure way for crypto owners to purchase or charter yachts with their digital assets.

As an accredited broker, Ventura Yachts accepts major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether for all superyacht services. Clients receive a live payment link to execute transfers at the current spot price with no limits. Managing Director Michael Newton-Woof, delighted with the partnership, says, “We’re sailing into the future of finance. Ventura Yachts is charting a new course by integrating blockchain technology. We now accept major cryptocurrencies for superyacht purchases and charters, providing our clients with security, privacy, and access to this ground-breaking financial frontier.”

With the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies, their integration into yachting was inevitable. Ventura recognizes the benefits for clients, including rapid settlement, borderless transactions, and anonymity. Cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain technology to enable secure, transparent peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries. As pioneers in luxury yachting, Ventura Yachts embraces this ground-breaking technology. We’re proud to be early adopters, providing our discerning clients with convenience, security, and privacy through these virtual currencies.

“To be at the forefront of this digital revolution in the luxury yachting sector is exhilarating. Partnering with Ventura Yachts marks a significant milestone, showcasing the tangible impact of cryptocurrencies in the real world,” says Giles Whitby-Smith, CEO of Bitcashier.

To learn more about transacting with Ventura Yachts using cryptocurrency, please contact us today. We look forward to guiding you through the new frontier of crypto finance in super yachting.

What Bitcashier Does:

Bitcashier, founded in 2019, enables customers to buy and sell luxury goods and services using cryptocurrency as payment without subjecting the seller of the good or service to the risk of holding cryptocurrency as the purchase or service contract is settled in the contract currency to the seller or service providers bank anywhere globally. Bitcashier platform assures safe, secure, regulated and insured transactions and removes all market volatility with their unique invoicing service. Full KYC and AML checks and chain analysis of the buyers and their cryptocurrency wallets ensures safety, peace of mind and security to all stakeholders in the transactions. A trusted and recognised brand in the luxury good sector Bitcashier is a European regulated company that operates worldwide.

Bitcashier supports the use of all leading coins in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, UDSC, and USDT, XRP . Bitcashier is also a leading crypto payment trading platform.


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