Riva Aquariva Lamp


Light up your life in style with the new Aquariva Lamp, now featuring a striking new stem in striped mahogany, the legendary material that makes Riva boats so unique.


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Aquariva is a table lamp with a refined design inspired by the classic search light on Riva runabouts in the 1960s. The name derives from the boat of the same name first produced in 2001, heir to the glorious models of the past, on which the search light is mounted as standard. The steel base, made up of three overlapping sections, is reminiscent of the famous bow cap on the Aquarama and Aquariva runabouts and fans out to form a propeller shape. Brushing your fingers over the striped mahogany stem puts you in contact with Riva’s legendary boats, wherever you are.

Material: steel. Dimensions: cm 26 x 24 x 60. Power: 24 volt LED lights. Stem finish: mahogany. Designer: Mauro Micheli.