“RIVA IN THE MOVIE BOOK” – Artwork Limited Edition


A special edition, inside a luxurious mahogany presentation box, covering 52 films with QR codes to watch Rivas in action in the movies.

The exquisite hand-crafted and hand-inlaid mahogany presentation box is the worthy holder of a splendid volume, filled with new and wonderful surprises. Inside there is a USB memory stick with two must-see short films: “RIVA IN THE MOVIE”, featuring Pierfrancesco Favino, and “La Plancia”, filmed in 2017 to commemorate Carlo Riva by telling the story of his relationship with the office that he occupied for almost 10 years and that he remained attached to until the end of his life.




Pure magic. Beauty, legends and entertainment. 52 movies and more than 60 years of film, photos, reviews and anecdotes.Read and admire this exquisite, enchanting book, which masterfully intertwines the histories of the film industry and the modern maritime world. The description of each film is accompanied by details of events in the year it was released and a profile of a Riva model that came out around that time, so readers can really immerse themselves in the society and historical happenings of the period.The unmistakable style of the Riva vessels that are described and pictured in all of their glory has brightened up decades of movies of all kinds: dramas such as Contempt and Il Sorpasso, Agatha Christie mysteries, thrillers like Nikita and various James Bond productions, movies full of quintessential British humour like Johnny English, and Italian comedies such as Vacanze di Natale, Yuppies and Suddenly Paradise.