“Riva in the Movie” book


Now enlarged to 398 pages of breathtaking photos and fascinating reviews, this new edition of ‘Riva in the Movie’ tells the stories of the numerous films in which Rivas have played important roles over a period of 60 years, in many cases taking centre stage and stealing the limelight from nationally and internationally renowned stars.

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On the wave of the success of the first edition, “Riva in the Movie” is out again in an updated version, with thirteen new films to discover including “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Tenet”, “The Jewel of the Nile” and “Diamonds are Forever”.
And there’s another great surprise. Many of the pages show a QR code for scanning with your smartphone to watch a clip of the film where a Riva boat is featured.
With breathtaking photos and unmissable reviews, “Riva in the Movie” tells the stories of the numerous films in which Riva creations have played important roles, in many cases taking centre stage and stealing the spotlight from nationally and internationally renowned stars.
This fascinating cultural and publishing project features 398 pages, 52 films with their original posters, 342 pictures of scenes and life backstage, 100 actresses and 164 actors. They all come together in an exquisite, enchanting book whose words and pictures masterfully intertwine the stories of the modern nautical and film scenes.
Every film is accompanied by a summary of events from the year when it was released and an overview of a Riva model from the time. This helps to paint a detailed picture of society and the world as a whole in the period in question.
The films were shot in some spectacular locations, including the French Riviera, Venice, the Costa Smeralda, Lake Como, Ischia, Capri, Lake Maggiore, Forte dei Marmi, Cannes and Nice. The many A-Listers that can be seen on board Riva yachts include Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Clark Gable, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Vincent Cassel.
“Riva in the Movie” tells a captivating story with a thread in Riva’s trademark aquamarine hue running through it all of the way from Mambo starring the divine Silvana Mangano in 1954 to Christopher Nolan’s latest 2020 masterpiece Tenet.
The unmistakable style of Riva yachts, which are described and pictured in all of their glory, has lit up films of all kinds for more than 60 years: from the drama of Contempt and Il Sorpasso, Agatha Christie mysteries, and thrillers such as Nikita and several James Bond films, to Italian comedies including Vacanze di Natale and Yuppies and the very British humour of Johnny English. Not to mention genres that have been confined to history, such as the “musicarelli” that showcased the talents of Mina, Domenico Modugno, Al Bano and Romina Power, and Satanskoraal, the first South African film with underwater scenes, a real treat for cinephiles.
“Riva in the Movie” will appeal to film fans – the reviews by Franco Barbolini are full of interesting facts and details about the production of the films – and all lovers of the legendary Riva, which is dazzlingly, entrancingly depicted thanks to numerous old photographs and meticulous descriptions of every model.